Anonymous voting

Witness by Automata

An off-chain, private governance solution for participants to vote without revealing either their preference or identity.


Private, off-chain blockchain

governance solution


Create proposals on workspaces and adjust granularity of final voting results between various privacy levels.


Vote by connecting wallets and governance tokens within on the Witness website. Off-chain voting also eliminates gas costs.


Chainhook enables on-chain execution of contract registered at the proposal stage once the governance vote passes. 

You're in good company


Moonbeam Network

Astar Network

Clover Finance



Darwinia Network

Hear, hear

"...privacy has been, and will continue to be one of the salient features of the Web3 economy, and we appreciate the opportunity to onboard Automata to address the pragmatic needs of projects as they grow.”


Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder

"The addition of Witness to the Moonbeam ecosystem expands the available options, adding unique privacy features, and providing a place for decentralized communities to discuss and vote on key issues."

Moonbeam Network

Nate Hamilton, Director of Business Development

"We quickly understood the ideological relevance of Witness in relation to our mission of building out the infrastructure for Web3. With its privacy-first mandate, this partnership will add to our ecosystem meaningfully."

Astar (Plasm) Network

Sota Watanabe, Founder