MEV Minimization

Conveyor by Automata

Determines transactions in a fair First-In-First-Out sequence to create a front-running free zone

The existence of Miner (Maximal) Extractable Value has grown both in impact and range, with attacks by adversarial actors leaving users to bear the brunt of the costs. It is certain that there are novel MEV extractions waiting only to be discovered. 


 At Automata, we foresee that a fully private design is the only solution for the long term. This ensures that no actors with privileged access can observe and therefore influence how transactions are settled on-chain.  

Conveyor orders transactions in a First-In-First-Out sequence and makes it impossible for block producers to:

  • Inject new transactions into Conveyor's output: The inserted transactions bypassing Conveyor is detectable by anyone because of signature mismatch.

  • Delete ordered transactions: Transactions cannot be deleted unless all block producers are colluding to censor broadcasted transactions at the same time.

Automata has published various public resources to help inform and engage with the subject of MEV: 

  • - A comprehensive wikipedia 

  • - A tool for users to check if they have fallen victim to sandwich attacks

Surfacing MEV