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Hey, you

Good things come to those who represent.

We love our community, and Automata Ambassador is the next step we are taking to support, motivate and engage with some of our biggest proponents. The goal is to have motivated ambassadors echoing our efforts and taking the lead to share about Automata both offline and online, locally and across the globe. 

Explore: There's something for everyone


A really cool thing about the blockchain ecosystem is how everyone and anyone can participate in shaping its future. Whether be it crowdsourcing experts or expanding local communities, that's why we launched Automata Ambassador to help grow the project in the direction it needs to - with you.

The front row seat

If you're as excited about blockchain as we think you are, particularly on privacy technologies, this will be fun. Think: First dips on beta launches, meetups, workshops & more.

Be part of something bigger

Take your place in a real-world community and document your progress along with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about Web3. Community is where it's at. 

It's the bounty life

Bounty rewards are always a nice touch, and this means taking on tasks and being involved in our ecosystem in a practical and meaningful manner.

(Very) cool swag

Did we also mention that we have swag, branded merchandise, cool giveaways exclusive to our ambassadors? Don't take our word for it, and don't @us - but you will love these.

Automata Ambassador 

You are

An enthusiast

You are passionate about Automata Network and want to help boost our work by bringing it to the next level. You might also have read our light-paper from end to end (did you?). 

A domain expert

You have niche expertise in a specific domain, such as marketing, business development, or compliance. And you'd want to pass on some of that knowledge. 

An opinion leader 

You are recognised as a credible source of information or have built up credibility and influence within a community. Help us tap into different audiences. 

A crypto veteran

Bull, bear, it doesn't faze you. You are on the lookout for projects that deliver on their promise and are technologically sound. Welcome to the team. 

A student

It might be your first steps into this dizzying space, or you could already be geeking out about consensus algorithms. Either way, if a privacy-first future is your dream, you're in the right place. 


Amplifying our work is almost always as important as the actual work. Memes, blogposts, video tutorials, translated content, hosting local events - help make our efforts globally accessible. 


Open-source is open collaboration. Give first-hand feedback to our developers, submit a PR on Github, or test our (launched, beta) products for bugs. We're also constantly looking for talented developers to join our team.


Be respectful, be helpful, and pay it forward by being the resource you would want to be for others. Connecting the Automata team with local experts, like-minded industry partners is another great way of expanding our community. 

Choose how you contribute


There is no single way to contribute, so we've put together some general guidelines below which are by no means exhaustive. As individuals who are passionate about the project, we do ask that ambassadors take a more active role in promoting the Automata brand and our work. We'll work with you to make it work.

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